Monday, 8 April 2013

Voilà! Les Mesdames

These are the many daughters of Louis XV and Marie Leszczinska. The couple had so many daughters that the girls were referred to by numbers! This meant that there was a Madame First, Madame Second and so on. Whenever a sister either died or were married off the others would move one number up - that means that if Madame Second was married off then Madame Third would become Madame Second!

Madame Marie Louise Élisabeth (she was the eldest)
 - the twin of Madame Henriette Anne 
Madame Henriette Anne - the twin of Madame Marie Lousie
Madame Louise 
Madame Adélaïde 
Madame Marie Louise Thérèse Victoire 
Madame Sophie Philippine Élisabeth Justine

No portrait exists of Madame Marie Thérèse Félicité

Madame Louise Marie 

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