Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Salon of the Nobility

When Queen Marie-Thèrése reigned the Salon of the Nobility served as an antechamber. Marie Leszczinska would give audiences in this very room often seated under a large canopy. Whenever Marie Leszczinska entertained her circle of friends they would gather in this room and enjoy each others company. Marie Antoinette extended her love of decorating to this room as well; she had it completely redecorated and only kept the paintings of the ceiling (by Michel Corneille) and added a fresh apple-green damask as a tapestry. The tapestry was lined with a golden stripe.
Also, Marie Antoinette had entirely new furniture delivered - all of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced sorts. The Queen turned to her favourite cabinet-maker Riesener who decided to follow the leading fashion in England. This meant that the delicate French fashion usually adorned with floral patterns was replaced with the large, square furniture mostly made of mahogany. Besides this, a new fireplace was installed. 
A large portrait of Louis XV in his state costume is the centre of the rear wall.

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