Monday, 8 April 2013

Madame Victoire's Bedchamber

This room has changed hands quite a lot of times. Its first owner was Louis XIV who used it as an antechamber to his bathroom(s) - it was called the ionic antechamber due to the twelve marble columns that made out the decoration. Then it changed to the hands of the Count de Toulouse and from him to the Countess de Toulouse. Madame Adélaïde took over next until the room was passed on to the youngest sister of the Mesdames, Madame Sophie. Madame Sophie was given this room in 1767 and used it as a bedroom. A year later it changed owner again and became the bedroom of Madame Victoire as we know it today.

Rousseau was given the task of cutting the wood-work of Madame Victoire's bedchamber. The dominant colour of the bedchamber is a soft green mixed with a white pattern. When Madame Victoire took over the room in 1769 two corner cupboards was delivered from Péridiez. They were sold during the revolution but returned to Versailles when they were bought back in 1982 from England (before that the cupboards had been located in Russia). The screen in front of the fire-screen was delivered to the bedroom of the Countess de Provence in 1787.

Quite a few of the occupants of the room has been portrayed in paintings that now adorn the walls:
A portrait of Madame Sophie hangs above the left entrance - the princess is wearing a pink gown. Marie-Josèphe of Saxony is portrayed in the large portrait to the left of the rear wall. The centre picture is of Madame Adélaïde and to her right is the Dauphin Louis (son of Louis XV).

30-Chambre à coucher de Mme Victoire

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