Tuesday, 9 April 2013

First Antechamber of the Dauphin

Today, the First Antechamber of the Dauphin is noticeable in the obvious lack of furniture. There are no chairs or cabinets placed in the room. One of the walls is dominated by a large window facing the Cour de Monseigneur and the rooms leads one on to the Second Antechamber of the Dauphin. The two minor windows were added to the room on the order of Louis XVI who wanted to create a connection between Marie Antoinette's chambers and the Dauphin's. One of the doors leads up to the Chamber d'Oeuil de Bouef. When the palace was stormed on the night between October 5-6 Louis XVI used this passage to reach his children.

The main décor is very simple; the panels are white with a golden edge. The paintings as well as the mirror is framed in golden frames. The only other pieces of furniture is a fireplace and a simple chandelier.

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