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Dauphine's Inner Cabinet

Like most other rooms at Versailles the Inner Cabinet of the Dauphine has changed purpose and owner a number of times. This cabinet served as an antechamber of Monsieur. In 1693 it became the antechamber of Monseigneur who would later change it into a bedroom - the Regent also used it as a bedroom before it passed on to the then Dauphin. In 1747 it was decided that the room should be divided in two to provide for minor cabinet that could be used for studying by the Dauphin and Dauphine - the room was divided into the Dauphin's library and the Dauphine's Inner Cabinet. This also had a more practical function: it meant that the Dauphin and Dauphine could reach each others' rooms without having to walk through the ever-crowded halls.

The Dauphine's Inner Cabinet was done in a rather simple and beautiful style. The walls are white with details in delicate colours - mostly blues and greens. Jean-Baptiste Oudry painted the "Four Seasons" that now hangs above the doors - the paintings were removed from the cabinet but has now been restored to their original place. Beneath the mirror a beautiful chest of drawers has been placed - it was created by Antoine-Robert Gaudreaus. The only other furniture in the same warm brown colour is the writing desk done by Bernard II van Risen Burgh. Both the chest of drawers and the writing desk were created for Marie-Thérèse Raphëlle who was the first Dauphine to live at Versailles; later the same furnitures were used by Marie-Josephe de Saxe.

Marie-Josephe de Saxe placed a sofa in the alcove on the rear wall - today two chairs have replaced it. The glass doors on either side of the alcove leads into the back rooms. The window shutters and the door frames are painted in a clear aqua-green colour that nicely complement the remaining décor. The chandelier looks very different from others found at Versailles - it has a very dark base around which crystal has been hung.

Dauphine's inner cabinet

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