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Fashion Gallery: Peter the Great

The Russian Tzar Peter the Great went on a visit to France during Louis XV's minority; unlike his host quite a lot of the Tzar's clothing has survived and displays the great opulence of the male fashions of the time. Now displayed in the Kremlin.

Some of the most fabulous are these:

This greatcoat and waistcoat from 1727-30 are both heavily embroidered with silver threading. The coat appears to be of a velvety fabric while the waistcoat is of silk.

1727-1730 French Coat and waistcoat worn by Tsar Peter II at the Moscow Kremlin Museums -

This green coat is quite similar in the style of the one above and dates back to 1727-30. The fabric is green wool with metal thread embroidery.

This deep green wool coat, worn by Emperor Peter II, 1727-1730, must have been dazzling © The Moscow Kremlin Museums. From the exhibit "Magnificence of the Tsars, Ceremonial Men’s Dress
 of the Russian 
Imperial Court, 1721-1917" 
from the collection
of the Moscow 
Kremlin Museums

A colourfully embroidered long-sleeved waist-coat. 

1727-1730 French Coat and waistcoat worn by Tsar Peter II at the Moscow Kremlin Museums -

Suit from 1710-20 of green woolen cloth with gold embroideries; the waistcoat is of linen silk also embroidered with metal thread.

Ceremonial Attire of Peter I, 1710-1720  Frockcoat: green woollen cloth, gold thread, L 116 cm  Breeches: green woollen cloth, L 77 cm  Waistcoat: woollen silk and linen fabric, metal thread

Summer clothing, 1710's-20's

Summer Costum of Peter I ,   1710-1720s Russia

Peter the Great`s silk robes

These three silk robes are banyans 

Gown of Peter I  Russia, 1710-1720s  the State Hermitage Museum

Winter clothing trimmed with beaver fur and made of damask and wool, 1710-25

Winter Costume of Peter I  Russia (?). Between 1710 and 1725  Broadcloth, galloon, beaver fur, damask and wool; l.: caftan 119, camisole 95.5 cm (c) The State Hermitage Museum


Fashion Gallery: Corsets (1750-89)

White & Ivory

Damask corset with green stomacher, 1760

Auction House Coutau-Bégarie -  Corps à baleines, vers 1760, en toile de lin bis et damas bicolore vert à dessin darabesques de fleurs et oiseaux, piqûres rectilignes soulignant les baleines. Découpe crantée en pointes devant et basques étroites. Laçage à oeillets dans le dos, (doublure déposée, usures).

Spanish stays, 1750

Stays, c. 1750, MTIB 103.876. Foto La Fotogràfica


Italian corset, 1770's

Date: 1770s Culture: Italian Medium: silk Dimensions: [no dimensions available] Credit Line: Gift of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1940

Corset Date: 1770s Culture: Italian Medium: silk Accession Number: C.I.40.173.6a–e

Spanish (Catalonian) corset, 1750-70

Corset with green strings, 1755

Corps à baleines - vers 1755

Red & Pink

Silk damask corset, 1775-89

Bodice, silk, leather, iron, baleen, linen, EuropeanBodice (stays), Europe, 1775-1789. Dark pink silk damask, linen lining.

Swedish corset, 1775-1800

Användning: 1775 - 1800 (uppskattning) Brukningsort: Sverige (SE), Bohuslän, Inlands Fräkne hd, Forshälla Identifikationsnr: NM.0009153A-B Ägare: Nordiska museet

Spanish (Barcelona) silk corset with green accents, 1770-80

Spanish corset, 1750-70

Billedresultat for 1750's corsetPink and red corset (Back), 1750-75. European. Silk, cotton, wood, baleen

Possibly Spanish corset, 1760-80


French silk corset, 1750

Stays, France, c. 1750. Blue silk damask in floral pattern; block printed cotton lining (brown floral pattern on ecru, similar to damask pattern). White kid tab binding and lining. Red silk tape over seams. Back lacing. Fully boned (whalebone).

Blue silk and cotton corset, late 18th century

Corset (image 3 - back) | European | late 18th century | silk, baleen, leather, cotton | Metropolitan Museum of Art | Accession Number: C.I.39.13.213a, bCorset Date: late 18th century Culture: European Medium: silk, baleen, leather, cotton Accession Number: C.I.39.13.213a, b

Blue-grey French corset, 1750

1750 French Stays at the Museum at FIT, New YorkBack-  Medium: Multi colored silk brocade    c.1750; France


Green silk corset, 1765

Corset Europe, c. 1765 Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection Proposed FIDM Museum Acquisition L2011.13.79

French (Alsace) corset of taffeta, 1770-80

Corps, Alsace, vers 1770-1780 Taffetas façonné, liseré, lancé, doublure en toile imprimée à la planche de bois

Spanish silk corset with bows and decorative stomacher, third quarter of 18th century

Corset  Date: third quarter 18th century Culture: Spanish (probably) Medium: silk


French silk corset, 1770's-80's

Half-boned stays, 1770s-80s, French, Museé du Costume et de la Dentelle

Dutch corset from Antwerp, 1770-90

Corset, 1770-1790. MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp, Photo by Hugo Maertens, Bruges.

Scottish cotton and silk corset, 1770-80

Corset  (c. 1770-1780)  Artist/s name SCOTLAND   Medium cotton, linen, silk, baleen Measurements 39.0 cm (centre back) 30.0 cm (waist, flat) Place/s of Execution Scotland..

Spanish (Andalusian) corset, 1770's
Silk juorut. Andalusiassa. Kohti 1770. Costume Museum. Madrid.


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Fashion Gallery: Breeches


Ivory silk taffeta breeches, 1770-80

Pair of breeches, 1770s-1780s. Ivory silk taffeta, with self-stripe and small fall, fabric covered buttons.

Ivory breeches with embroidered roses at the hem, 1775

Breeches, 3-piece suit, c. 1775. Pale green faille having tambour embroidered floral garlands in rose, red and green on lattice ground, embroidered buttons, matching waistcoat and fall front breeches with white lining.

Yellow & Orange

Silk breeches, 1750-70

Breeches, 1750–1770

Italian silk breeches, late 18th century

Trousers (Breeches)  Date: late 18th century Culture: Italian Medium: silk Dimensions: Length: 28 in. (71.1 cm) Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1926 Accession Number: 26.56.40


Part of a suit, 1780-90

Pair of breeches, 3-piece suit, ca. 1780-1790. Mustard silk woven with pale blue spots, self covered buttons, linen and ivory taffeta lining; breeches: cinnamon silk with self stripes and blue spots, with small fall and fob pocket.

Italian silk breeches, 1780's

Culotte, soie, Italie, vers 1780, Met

Breeches (back)  Date:     ca. 1780 Culture:     Italian Medium:     silk Dimensions:     a) 38 1/2in. (97.8cm) b) 21in. (53.3cm) Credit Line:     Roge...

Pink & Purple

Silk or satin breeches, late 18th century

Rear view, pair of breeches, late 18th century. Lilac silk taffeta with silver thread embroidered knee buttons and band.Two pairs of silk breeches, late 18th century, comprising: lilac pair with silver thread embroidered knee buttons and band; the others of shot pink/green silk with low fall and buttoned fly, both with fall fronts.

Velvet striped breeches, 1770's

Breeches, 3-piece suit, 1770-1779. Burgundy striped silk voided velvet, stripes with small yellow spot. Borders embroidered with cream untwisted silk and past 'jewels' in satin, stem and knots in a design of flowers an dleaves; selv-covered and embroidered buttons.


Silk and wool breeches, 1750-90

Breeches, second half of 18th Century, European, silk, wool, linen, [written] (back of breeches) "Guidotti"Banyan (image 8 - breeches back) | European | second half 18th century | silk, wool, linen | Metropolitan Museum of Art | Accession Number: C.I.56.5.1a–c

British silk breeches, c. 1780

Attingham Park © National Trust / Claire Reeves


Silk taffeta breeches, late 18th century

Rear view, pair of breeches, late 18th century. Shot pink/green silk taffeta with low fall and buttoned fly.Pair of breeches, late 18th century. Shot pink/green silk taffeta with low fall and buttoned fly.


Rear view of a pair of English silk velvet breeches, 1770

Breeches back view of a man's silk velvet suit, c.1770, part of the costume collection at Ham House, Surrey.

French, early 18th century

Suit Date: early 18th cenutry Culture: French

Silk breeches, 1710

Date: ca. 1710 Culture: European Medium: silk Dimensions: [no dimensions available] Credit Line: Gift of Mr. Lee Simonson, 1939 Accession Number: C.I.39.13.165

Possibly British wool and silk breeches, 1770's-80's

Breeches  National Trust Inventory Number 1348772.2 Date	1770 - 1780 Materials	Glazed wool, Hessian, Linen, Satin, Silk, Silk satin, Silk twill, Wool Collection	Snowshill Wade Costume Collection, Gloucestershire (Accredited Museum)

English wool breeches, 1750's

1750-tal, byxor. Breeches.