Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Fashion Gallery: Peter the Great

The Russian Tzar Peter the Great went on a visit to France during Louis XV's minority; unlike his host quite a lot of the Tzar's clothing has survived and displays the great opulence of the male fashions of the time. Now displayed in the Kremlin.

Some of the most fabulous are these:

This greatcoat and waistcoat from 1727-30 are both heavily embroidered with silver threading. The coat appears to be of a velvety fabric while the waistcoat is of silk.

1727-1730 French Coat and waistcoat worn by Tsar Peter II at the Moscow Kremlin Museums -

This green coat is quite similar in the style of the one above and dates back to 1727-30. The fabric is green wool with metal thread embroidery.

This deep green wool coat, worn by Emperor Peter II, 1727-1730, must have been dazzling © The Moscow Kremlin Museums. From the exhibit "Magnificence of the Tsars, Ceremonial Men’s Dress
 of the Russian 
Imperial Court, 1721-1917" 
from the collection
of the Moscow 
Kremlin Museums

A colourfully embroidered long-sleeved waist-coat. 

1727-1730 French Coat and waistcoat worn by Tsar Peter II at the Moscow Kremlin Museums -

Suit from 1710-20 of green woolen cloth with gold embroideries; the waistcoat is of linen silk also embroidered with metal thread.

Ceremonial Attire of Peter I, 1710-1720  Frockcoat: green woollen cloth, gold thread, L 116 cm  Breeches: green woollen cloth, L 77 cm  Waistcoat: woollen silk and linen fabric, metal thread

Summer clothing, 1710's-20's

Summer Costum of Peter I ,   1710-1720s Russia

Peter the Great`s silk robes

These three silk robes are banyans 

Gown of Peter I  Russia, 1710-1720s  the State Hermitage Museum

Winter clothing trimmed with beaver fur and made of damask and wool, 1710-25

Winter Costume of Peter I  Russia (?). Between 1710 and 1725  Broadcloth, galloon, beaver fur, damask and wool; l.: caftan 119, camisole 95.5 cm (c) The State Hermitage Museum


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