Sunday, 28 January 2018

Fashion Gallery: Robes à la Françaises (1740's)

White & Ivory

English gown, 1740's

Robe à la Française | c.1740s — A perfect example of the robe à...Robe à la Française

Wide gown, possibly German or Dutch, 1740-60

Robe a la francaise, 1740-60 From the Amsterdam MuseumRear view, robe à la francaise, 1740-1760. Cream silk, beautifully hand-painted with floral motifs, flower sprays, birds and insects; self-fabric trimming, linen lining.

Dutch gown with Chinoiserie pattern, 1740-60

Yellow & Orange

Italian orange gown, 1745

c. 1745 Italian Orange floral bodice and skirt banded together with golden ribbon. Internal burgundy tie strings. Stomacher sides lined with red ribbon tape. (front) Kent State Museum

Pale yellow Dutch gown, 1740-45


Possibly Dutch, 1745

Blue brocade gown, 1740-55

Robe a la francaise ca. 1740-55  From the Musee Galliera

Norwegian silk gown, 1740-60



French damask satin gown, 1740's

Robe a la francaise, 1740    From Les Arts Decoratifs

Danish gown from the 1740's

Kjole med slæb, grøn silke

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