Monday, 1 January 2018

Cabinet de Billiards

One of the first cabinets at Versailles to be decorated with white and gold woodwork, the cabinet was reserved for one of Louis XIV's favourite games. An actual billiard-table was placed there in 1684.

The woodwork was re-gilded in 1701 so it would match the other rooms. Several pieces of art were hung in the cabinet. The majority depicted biblical scenes such as Adam and Eve being chased out of paradise by Rubens. 
In that same year two new paintings were commissioned to replace another two by Poussin. The new ones were "Moses on the water" by Lafosse and "Rebecca at the well" by Coypel.

The colour scheme of the previous rooms were repeated in the fabrics chosen: red damask with gold thread and gold tassels for the chandelier. Adorably, two dog beds were fitted into painted ebony boxes. The king would visit his dogs here every morning and evening to pet them and spoil them with treats.

In 1738, Louis XV transformed this room into his bedchamber and a salon dedicated to his dogs. The woodwork was the same as his predecessor had used.

Notice the dog bed

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