Saturday, 6 January 2018

Cabinet of Curiosities

Established in 1682-1683, it is not directly connected to the other part of the king's private apartment. The only way to access this cabinet was through the Salon of Abundance; the king would only allow a selected few access. The king kept his sumptuous collection of vases, gemstones, precious objects and rarities etc. here. The collection alone was enough to make it known as one of the most lavish rooms in the château.

The ceiling was remarkably tall - far taller than the other rooms. The ceiling was finished in an elaborate dome. The dome had an oculus shining light into the room; three mirrors could reflect the sunlight according to the angle of the sun. Each corner of the dome was supported by cherubs and adorned with medals and trophies.

The colours chosen for the cabinet were those of the king: blue and gold. These were repeated in the fabric of the sofa placed before a commode containing medals. 
Some of the paintings included "The Virgin on the Rocks" by da Vinci.

The cabinet was demolished in 1753 and replaced by the far duller Gaming Salon of the king. Quite a shame considering the previous splendour once so admired.

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