Monday, 1 January 2018

The Cabinet of the Wigs

Louis XIV's much-amired luscious hair began to fall out which left him practically bald by the age of 30. Consequently, the king needed wigs and quite a lot of them. This is where they were stored in closets.

The ceiling is adorned with portraits of playing children and the walls were decorated with mirrors.  The mirrors were held together by gilded panels with vases of crystal and semi-precious stones. Originally, the room was quite lofty but when the council chamber was renovated in 1701 it affected this cabinet drastically. Half of the room was taken over by the council chamber and the ceiling was brought down to make room for an attic.

This is where Louis XIV would meet with his family before the coucher-ceremony. Two paintings were chosen - both depicting scenes relating to the building of Noah's arc. 
Five stools and two writing desks dominated the room's furniture. The tables were of dark wood gilded in both gold and silver and with red velvet on the desk.

By 1755 the cabinet was finally absorbed by the council chamber when it was further expanded.

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