Friday, 26 January 2018

Fashion Gallery: Robes à la Françaises (1760's)

White & Ivory

Dutch wedding gown, c. 1760

Wedding robe à la française ca. 1760 From the Rijksmuseum

A pretty floral gown, 1760-75

Dutch white gown with an abundance of bows and frills, 1760-65

Possibly English gown, 1765-70

French gown, 1760

Yellow & Orange

French silk gown, 1760-70. The pattern of silver thread almost make the gown look pale greenish.

Robe à la Française, silk, FrenchRobe à la Française, silk, French

French silk gown with embroideries, 1765

English yellow gown with a rose petticoat, 1760's


Gown of unknown origin, 1760's


Almost cherry-coloured gown with an immense amount of tiny fabric-flowers on the bodice, 1765

French silk taffeta gown with lime-green bodice, 1760's-70's

German pink gown, 1760-70

Pink gown from 1760-70


French gown in silk and cotton, 1760-70

Sack-back dress or robe à la Française, 1760-70. From the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of ArtRobe à la Française, silk, cotton, French

Italian gown of silk, 1765-70

Robe à la Française, silk, ItalianRobe à la Française, silk, Italian

Possibly French silk gown with gorgeous gold trimmings, 1765

Robe à la Française, silk, European

French gown with an almost salmon-coloured bow, 1760 

French silk gown, 1760's


Gown of unknown origin, 1765

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