Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Salon of Mars

It was originally intended that the Salon of Mars should be used for the guards which is why the room was dedicated to Mars, the god of war. Due to its position it was natural that the Salon of Mars should also be included in the evening soirées. During these occasions it was used as a ballroom where there would be played music and danced. There used to be two canopies on either side of the fireplace that were intended for the musicians. This particular salon is rich on paintings and portraits.

Once again the god that the salon is dedicated to has also inspired the art of the room. The ceiling's main painting is of Mars in a chariot by Claude Audran. There are two paintings on either side of the main painting of the ceiling: one is  "Victory supported by Hercules followed by Abundance and Felicity" and the other is "Terror, Fury and Fright takes over the powers of Earth".
Four paintings have been moved from Saint-Germain-en-Laye to Versailles and depicts Temperance, Prudence, Force and Justice.

Even Louis XIV's favourite painting ("David playing the harp") adorns the red velvet walls of the salon above the fireplace. Portraits of Louis XIV and Marie Leszszinska is also hung in this room. To achieve symmetry in the room two false doors were created. The door frame into the Salon of Diana is made of pure marble just like the fireplace.

Salon de Mars, Louis XV, Versailles

Salon de Mars, The Versailles Palace

Salon de Mars by Ganymede2009, via Flickr


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