Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Dauphin's Second Antechamber

Most of this room was previously a part of Monseigneur's apartments at Versailles and were known to be one of his most elaborately decorated rooms. No expenses had been spared and the results were Monseigneur had his and his wife's interlacing initials inlaid in the parquet floor that was designed for the room. Large mirrors in ebony frames and copper and pewter marquetry are a part of the lavish décor. On the wooden tables pieces of china and rock crystals have been placed.
The room was further expanded in 1747 to the full size we see today - sadly the extremely lavish décor was removed in favour of simple panels. The present portraits in this room is of the Mesdames (daughters of Louis XV) and are all done by Jean-Marc Nattier.

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