Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Versailles: North Wing (1. Floor)

Yellow Section - Salons of the 17th Century:
     a) The Court at the End of the Reign
     b) Princes and the Armies
     c) Royal Princesses
     d) France and Europe
     e) The Family of the Grand Dauphin
     f) Saint-Cyr and Madame de Maintenon
     g) Artists of the Academy
     h) Royal Houses
     i) Louis the Great
     j) Military Campaigns

Rosa Section - Opera:
     a) Foyer
     b) Opera

Green Section - Halls of Africa:
     a) Hall of Smalah
     b) Room of Constantine
     c) Room of Morocco

Blue Section - Diverse:
     a) Vestibule to the Top Chapel
     b) Gallery of Illustrious Men
     c) Royal Chapel
     d) Hall of the Chapel's Musicians
     e) Hall of the States General

Grey Section - Salles de Crimée:
     a) South Hall
     b) North Hall

This is how the North Wing looked in 1732 during the reign of Louis XV

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