Monday, 8 April 2013

Queen's Grand Library

Originally this served as a studio for Marie Leszczinska where she would enjoy her passion for painting. She would be directed by the artist Ourdry. In 1772 the room was transformed into a library for Marie Antoinette. The curtains are of green velvet and the same green colour has been used for the book shelves. The books are indeed fit for royalty. They are bound in Moroccan leather and the Queen's monogram is engraved on each book. Marie Antoinette's ancestry is symbolized by double-headed eagles that forms the door handles. Even the doors have been decorated with a book case decorated by fake books.
The floors is laid with wooden planks of an almost golden tone. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling and illuminates the precious books.

The door with the fake books is just opened
Read like a queen: the queen’s apartment as it was in 1781, during Marie-Antoinette’s era. Versailles, châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon

Bibliotèque de Marie-Antoinette - Château de Versailles

Library inside the queen's small apartment (Palace of Versailles).

Close-up of the chandelier

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