Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Council Cabinet

The Council Cabinet is placed adjoining to the Hall of Mirrors and is right next to the King's chamber. Originally this was two rooms: the King's study where Louis XIV would meet with his ministers and the Terms Room where the Sun King would retire with his family for private moments. It was not until 1755 that Louis XV decided to create one big council chamber and combined these rooms.
The panels are of wood and have been decorated with a large number of symbols that refers to justice, the navy, the army so on - all carved by Rousseau who was in high demand at the French court.

Both Louis XV and Louis XVI added several pieces of art to this room. These include two very large Sèvres-vases of Minerva and Mars, a rococo clock and a bust of Alexander the Great. It was in this very room that the great decisions of France were made and all council meetings were held during the morning. The main colours of the room as it is today are blue and gold.

Cabinet du Conseil - Versailles

Office of The High Council, Versailles

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