Tuesday, 9 April 2013

First Antechamber of the Dauphine

The old Chapel was originally located here but it was demolished in 1682. It was then used as an apartment for the Grande Mademoiselle (la Duchesse de Montpensier) but after just a year in her possession it was transferred to the ownership of the Grand-Aumônier who was responsible for the religious activities of the royal household. In 1706 the Grand Maïtre de la garde-robe du Roi took over - he was in charge of the King's wardrobe (clothing was an important part of the sovereign's display of power).
The room was finally transformed into an apartment for the royal household when the Duc de Berry used it as a guard room. In 1714 it became a part of the apartments of the Maréchal de Villars. It was reduced by about a third of its size when it was made into the First Antechamber of the Dauphine.

The main décor is dominated by the crimson colour that decorates walls. Several golden-framed paintings adorns the walls. Two brown and worn wooden chests can be seen on the left wall - these were the travel trunks of none other than Marie Antoinette.

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