Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Sun King

Samuel Theis wears this ensemble when he portrays Louis XIV on "Versailles: le rêve d'un Roi". It is inspired by a contemporary drawing of the King that depicts him dressed to match his name: with many references to the Sun.
The torso is covered in what appears to be a golden breastplate that continues down to the middle of the thighs. A darker brown-grey sash draws attention to the waist. The sleeves are light golden and could possibly be made of organza or the like. The volume is enormous and a string folds at the elbow hereby enabling the King to bend his arm and keep the shape of the sleeve. The hoses are closely fitted and the colour almost matches that of the sash except that it is browner.
A garter of golden bronze has been placed just beneath the knee to hold up two white laces. The shoes and socks match each other and are of the same colour. A large bow has been attached to each shoe.

The head-piece stands out due to the massive size and the bright white colour. Large feathers adorns the middle of the costume and either side is flanked by ruffs separated by golden strings.

The lower picture is a drawing of a young Louis XIV portraying Apollo, the Sun God, with whom the King identified with the most. The costume from the move has obviously been inspired by this drawing - even the wig's colour is the same.

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