Saturday, 6 April 2013

Petit Trianon: Grand Salon

The Grand Salon is the largest room of the Petit Trianon (hence the name). It was in this room that the sovereigns would entertain the selected few that were granted an invitation to the intimate atmosphere. Again the walls are painted in the characteristic pale green and white of the Petit Trianon. Several medallions containing the fleurs-de-lis of the French monarchy has been carved into the panelling; they are often connected with two intertwined "L"'s of Louis XV. The furniture are kept in a completely different colour: a dark pink with cream-coloured patterns have been chosen for the chairs and sofas.
Marie Antoinette's love for music meant that several musical instrument have been placed in the Grand Salon - among them a harp, the Queen's favourite instrument.

This room is also illuminated by a large lantern hanging from the ceiling and candlesticks placed next to the large mirror. The lantern was ordered by Marie Antoinette in 1784 to replace the chandelier chosen by Louis XV - the lantern is gilded in bronze and decorated with blue lapis. The lantern was sold after the ransacking of Versailles and the Trianons but was eventually recovered and reinstalled to its original place in 2008.

Originally Madame du Barry had ordered a set of furniture - including a sofa, six lounging chairs and nineteen chairs - decorated with blue flowers but the set was lost during the revolution. The paintings above the doors are a part of the original décor.

LES LIAISONS DE MARIE ANTOINETTE :  SALON DE COMPAGNIE   "The Queen occasionally remained a whole month at Petit Trianon, and had established there all the ways of life in a chateau. She entered the sitting-room without driving the ladies from their pianoforte or embroidery. The gentlemen continued their billiards or backgammon without suffering her presence to interrupt them…." Memoirs of Madame CampanVersailles Palace by Emily Scott

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