Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Versailles: Central Wing (2. Floor)

Pink Section - Queen's Apartments:
      a) Apartments assigned to Axel von Fersen
      b) Billiard Parlour
      c) Corridor
      d) Dining Room
      e) Boudoir
      f) Salon of Buffets
      g) Salon of the Queen's Necklace
      h) Chamber Maid's Room
      i) Chamber of the ladies-in-waiting
      j) Maid's Corridor

Blue Section - King's Apartments:
      a) Supplement to the library
      b) Geography Gallery
      c) Technology Rooms

Purple Section - Madame du Barry's Apartments:
      a) Bathroom
      b) Antechamber of the bathroom
      c) Dining Room
      d) Cabinet Stool
      e) Chamber Maid's Room
      f) Chamber
      g) Gambling Salon
      h) Corner Lounge
      i) Antechamber
      j) Library
      k) Corridor linking rooms
Green Section - Monsieur de Maurepas:
      a) Access to the Salons
      b) Chamber
      c) Grand Cabinet
      d) Antechamber

Yellow Section - Madame de Pompadour's apartments

Turquoise Section - Stairs:
      a) Billiard Staircase
      b) Staircase of the dupes
      c) Fleury Staircase
      d) Red Staircase
      e) Semi-circular Staircase
      f) King's Staircase
      g) Epermon Staircase
      h) Louis Philippe Staircase
      i) The Chimay Staircase (also known as the Stucco Staircase)

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