Thursday, 21 March 2013

Versailles: Central Wing (1. Floor)

1. Blue Section - Grand Apartments:
    1a. Salon of Hercules
    1b. Salon of Abundance
    1c. Salon of Venus
    1d. Salon of Diana
    1e. Salon of Mars
    1f. Salon of Mercury
    1g. Salon of Apollo
    1h. War Salon
    1i. Hall of Mirrors

2. Pink Section - Queen's Apartments:
    2a. Peace Salon
    2b. Bedroom
    2c. Salon of the Nobility
    2d. Antechamber of the Grand Couvert
    2e. Guard's Room

3. Orange Section - King's Apartments:
    3a. King's Guard's Room
    3b. First Antechamber
    3c. The Chamber of L'Oeuil de Bouef
    3d. Bedroom
    3e. Council Cabinet

4. Yellow Section - King's Interior Apartments:
    4a. Louis XVI's Wardrobe
    4b. Bathroom of Louis XV/Louis XVI's Privy Purse Room
    4c. Unknown
    4d. Golden Chamber
    4e. Louis XV's Bedroom
    4f. Clock Room
    4g. Chamber of Dogs
    4h. Dining Rooms aka. "After the hunt"
    4i. Corner Cabinet or King's Interior Cabinet
    4j. Cabinet of Dispatches
    4k. Chamber of the Golden Plate
    4L. Bathrooms
    4m. Louis XVI's Library
    4n. The Porcelain Dining Room
    4o. Billiard Room
    4p. Louis XVI's Game Room

5. Purple Section - Queen's Interior Apartments:
    5a. Antechamber
    5b. Bathroom
    5c. Bathroom
    5d. Toilet
    5e. Former Chamber of Poets of Marie Leszczynska
    5f. Golden Cabinet
    5g. Minor Library
    5h. Grand Library
    5i. Cabinet of the Meridian
    5j. Cabinet Chair
    5k. Toilet Cabinet - former Cabinet of the Duchesse de Bourgogne

6. Green Section - Apartments of Madame de Maintenon:
    6a. First Antechamber
    6b. Second Antechamber
    6c. Bedroom
    6d. Unknown
    6e. Grand Cabinet
7. Turquoise Section - Various
    7a. Loggia
    7b. Coronation Hall
    7c. Chambre de Pape

8. Brown Section - Staircases
    8a. Queen's Marble Staircase
    8b. Staircase de la régie
    8c. Fleury Staircase
    8d. Chimay Staircase
    8e. Epermon Staircase
    8f. King's Staircase
    8g/h. Louis-Phillippe Staircase
    8i. Semi-circular Staircase of the Dauphin
    8j. Billiard Staircase
    8k. King's Passage (the thick black line indicates the passage)
    8l. Staircase of the Dupes

9. White Section - Court Yards
    9a. Monseigneurs Courtyard
    9b. Queen's Courtyard
    9c. Stag's Courtyard
    9d. King's Courtyard

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