Sunday, 31 March 2013

Library of the Dauphin

This room served as a library to Louis XV's son and later on to Louis XVI when he was Dauphin. Louis XVI's mother also inhabited this particular room prior to her death. The very taste of Louis XV is clear throughout the decorations of his son's library; many of these consists of angels playing instruments - music was always a great comfort to Louis XV. The panelling - of wood - dates back to 1755. Joseph Vernet painted the sea landscapes on the four over-doors.
The furnitures of the library counts a chest of drawers - containing a golden clock - by Criaerd and a writing table dating from the year of 1756 and commissioned for Louis XVI.

In order to create a perfect symmetry in the room, the many "books" are in fact merely pieces of books. The glass "cabinets" for books are lined with blue silk.

The library of the dauphin

There is indeed a door - you can just see the door handle

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