Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The King's Interior Cabinet

This room was formerly known as the "Corner Room". The cabinet has two different views from it's window: one overlooking the Marble Courtyard and one overlooking the Royal Courtyard. Especially Louis XV enjoyed this room and spent a lot of time here; it was on the balcony of this room that he watched the funeral procession of his beloved Madame de Pompadour.
Louis XV had this room redecorated on several occasions but the wood-work of Jacques Verbeckt remains as it was when it was made in 1753. Fortunately, this room has the original furnitures which gives us a perfect insight into the furniture of Louis XV. The most significant piece of furniture is the beautiful writing desk that have been placed in the middle of the room. The desk's top can be rolled back to reveal the writing space. Apparently, this is the very first furniture of this kind and was very popular with Louis XV who preferred to be able to keep his private papers under lock and key.

 A view of the writing desk

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