Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Green-blue Coat

Stanley Weber wears this attire as Louis XV in the French movie "Louis XV: le Soleil Noir". His coat is of a green-blue shade with a damask pattern in a pale green colour. The vest underneath is a bit "paisley" and is kept in warm tones of beige and brown alongside with a blue-green tone. The ribbon across his chest is baby blue.
The white lace around his neck is a legacy from his predecessor, Louis XIV, but it has become a tad smaller and less dominant. The buttons and the trimming of the coat is of the same warm golden colour that can also be seen at his vest.
The inside of his coat is a bright red that stands out in contrast to the cool colours that dominate the rest of the costume.

NOTE: the order on the left side of his chest appears to be the same jewel that was used in a costume worn by "Louis XIV"!

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