Thursday, 21 March 2013

Versailles: Central (Ground Floor)

This is the ground plan for the Palace of Versailles - to make it easier to explore the rooms, I have chosen to divide the castle into three following sections.

So let's begin our tour! We will start with the central building on the ground flour:

1. Pink sektion - apartments of the Dauphine:
    1a. First Antechamber
    1b. Second Antechamber
    1c. Grand Cabinet
    1d. Bedroom
    1e. Inner Cabinet

2. Light Blue sektion - apartments of the Dauphin:
    2a. Library
    2b. Grand Cabinet
    2c. Bedroom
    2d. Second Antechamber
    2e. First Antechamber
    2f. Guard's room

3. Pale Purple - apartments of the Duchesse d'Angouleme
    3a - d. Interior Chambers
    3e. Library or Dining Room
    3f. Unknown
    3g. Cabinet Interior

4. Pale Yellow - apartments of Madame Victoire
    4a. First Antechamber
    4b. Second Antechamber
    4c. Grand Cabinet
    4d. Bedroom
    4e. Inner Cabinet
    4d. Library

5. Pale Green - apartments of Madame Adélaïde 
    5a. Interior Cabinet
    5b. Room (possibly bedroom)
    5c. Grand Cabinet
    5d. Room of the Hoquetons

6. Light Grey - apartments of Captain of the Guards
    6a. Grand Cabinet
    6b. Antechamber
    6c. Chamber
    6d. Inner Cabinet

7. Lilac - apartments of Marie Antoinette
    7a. Antechamber
    7b. "The Green Room"
    7c. Bathroom
    7d. Cabinet chair

8. Light brown - staircases
    a. Red Stairs
    b. The Fleury Staircase
    c. Staircase de Dupes 
    d. Billiard Staircase
    e. Semi-Circular Staircase of the Dauphin
    f. Staircase for Water Carriers
    g. Semi-circular staircase
    h. Louis Phillippe Staircase
    i. Epermon Staircase
    j & k.Staircase of the King

9. Light turquoise sektion - Other Rooms
    a. Unknown
    b. Unknown
    c. Marble Lobby
    d. Ground Gallery
    e. Unknown
    f. Unknown
    g. Unknown
    h. Hall of the Louis Phillippe staircase
    i. Former Captain of the Guards' warming room
    j. Vestibule of the Epernon Staircase
    k. Unknown
    L. Small hall of the Royal Guards
    m. Unknown
    n. Vestibule degree of the King
    o. Unknown
    p. Unknown
    q. Unknown
    r. Former Wardrobe of the King - now: boutique
    s. Unknown
    t. Boutique
    u. Boutique
    v. Boutique
    w. Vestibule of the Queen's Staircase
    x. Boutique
    y. Lobby access to the stairs of the Queen's and the Dauphin's apartments
    z.  Passage
    zz. Room

10. White sektion - Courtyards
    A. Monsiegneur's Courtyard
    B. Queen's Courtyard
    C. Stag's Courtyard
    D. King's Courtyard

11. Orange sektion - Dauphin and Dauphine's Rear Rooms
   11 a. Corridor between vestibules
   11 b. Bathroom of the Dauphin
   11 c. Wardrobe
   11 d. Dauphin's Chaise Cabinet
   11 e. Corridor between the Dauphin's library and the Dauphine's Inner Cabinet


  1. Thanks so much, this is very useful!

    1. I know, I’m building Versailles on Minecraft and this drops down the level of this being difficult by 99.999999997%

  2. Can I just say what a good job you have done on this. The time and effort. This website has helped me with my own palace plans