Friday, 22 March 2013

Bedroom of the Dauphin

The decoration of the Dauphin's Bedroom is from 1747. Originally, there was a small room where the Dauphin would exhibit his paintings - that is why the tapestry suddenly changes from green to white and gold. The original bed of the Dauphin has been lost and the exhibited bed is in the style of "la Duchesse". The bed was made in 1740 for the Duchesse de Creéquy and embroidered in Saint Cyr. Meanwhile, the globe on the dresser was made for the Duc de Chartres in 1705.

Gabriel designed the drawings for this room and later he also designed the decorations. At that time the alcove was hung with silk and the walls were covered in oak planks. When the revolution broke out this room was occupied by the son of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI - he would later be remembered as Louis XVII. Also Marie Thérèse spent some time in these rooms at the time.

Chateau de Versailles    Apartments of the Dauphin

Versailles - Apartments of the Dauphin - Green Room

File:Château de Versailles, appartements du Dauphin et de la Dauphine, chambre du Dauphin, buste de Louis XVI, Augustin Pajou (1779) 01.jpg

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