Friday, 29 March 2013

Louis XVI's Library

This library was created shortly before the death of Louis XV in 1774. Louis XVI was very fond of this particular room and used it to explore his hobbies of geography and other sciences. The room contains a globe borne by an Atlas which the King used to follow the new explorations made by seafarers. Riesener created a table for this room that would give the King a perfectly flat surface needed for him to correct diverse maps - the table itself was 2,10 metres in diameter and made of mahogany.
The main style of the wood-work is neoclassical by Antoine Rosseau.

Louis XVI's library

Louis XVI studying geography. This scene is most likely
painted in his library - the table and the large book case behind
them looks a lot like it

Louis XVI's library

Versailles - Library of Louis XVI

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