Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Dauphine's Bedroom

Marie-Josèphe de Saxe gave birth to no less than three Kings of France in this very room: Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X.

Sadly hardly anything remains of the original room as it was when the Dauphine Marie-Josèphe occupied these rooms. The only thing that is still the same as it originally was are the overdoors that are painted by Jean Restout. Instead a bed à la polonaise has been placed in the room, hereby replacing the original bed. The pictures on each side of the bed portrays Marie-Josèphe's sister-in-laws Madame Henriette (portrayed as Flora) and Madame Adélaïde (portrayed as Diana) - both painted by Jean-Marc Nattier.

The main colours of the room are pink and cream; the bed and the tapestry are both decorated with these colours.


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