Saturday, 30 March 2013

Salon of Abundance

When the King and Queen held their evening soirées they would use this room for refreshments. Liqueurs, wine and coffee would be arranged on elegant tables - ready for the privileged guests. Also, it worked as the antechamber of the Cabinet of Curiosities (of which nothing remains) which is now the Gaming Room of Louis XVI.
Whenever the King had private guests, he used this room to exhibit his silverware vases, precious gemstones and medals - a sight that would always bring out the admiration in the viewers. Above the vault the royal vessel has been depicted and the King's vessel itself (a precious "statue" of a ship without a mast) was often exhibited during the soirées or placed on the King's table during the official suppers. In fact, this object was the very symbol of power and everyone had to salute it when they went by!

The room was filled with gilded chairs lined with green velvet on the evening soirées - this is what inspired the tapestry when the room was restored in 1955.

The Abundance Salon

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