Saturday, 23 March 2013

Living Versailles

If you want to add a bit of the extravagance and luxury of Versailles then you can add these items to your own home. Since I am not the seller of these items there are links for everyone of them so that you may easily find them:

Beautiful earrings with a fleur-de-lis and a drop-pearl can be bought here.

"Marie Antoinette"-tea! It is made of China white tea and white chocolate. Buy it here.

Light up your home with golden candelabras and a golden clock (here).

Cute shoes in mint and white that just screams Versailles! Here

Teas from Ladurée - here:
              The pink Marie Antoinette: black tea with rose petals, citrus fruit and honey
              The yellow Roi Soleil (Sun King): green tea with bergamot, rhubarb and caramel

Pale pink perfume bottle of glas with golden details - here

Bedding sets inspired by the rooms of Versailles:
              The King's Bedchamber (gold and red) - here
              The Queen's Bedchamber (ivory and floral) - here
              The Hall of Mirrors (golden and pale blue) - here
              The Venus Salon (pale gold and blue) - here

200 years of music at Versailles (CDs) - here

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