Friday, 29 March 2013

Petit Trianon

Originally built by after the plans of Madame de Pompadour, the Petit Trianon was created to distract Louis XV from the melancholy he tended to indulge in. But the mistress died before it was completed and Madame du Barry now hosted the small dinner parties there. When Louis XVI handed the small  castle over to Marie Antoinette it was quite a surprise to the public and some were not all too happy about it - it was the first time in French history that a Queen had owned a castle in her own name. Marie Antoinette converted the Petit Trianon into a small haven where she could escape the strict etiquette of Versailles.

Ground Floor:

Ground Floor:
Louis XV's Dining Room
Salon A
Chinese Gallery

1. Floor

1. Floor
Dressing Room


A = Cabinet de la Chaise

The Attic:

The Attic
Bathroom of Marie-Louise
Small Blue Salon (C)

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