Thursday, 28 March 2013

Royal Marriage Drama

Philippe, Duke of Orléans married Princess Henrietta of England but the marriage would soon cause quite a scandal. Philippe was homosexual but at the time it was far from accepted in society. This was not the scandal however. The gossip started when Henrietta had her first child - for was Philippe really the father? Instead a far grander candidate was suggested: none other than Louis XIV!

Henrietta herself was openly flirting with the King which had not escaped the notice of the ever-watching court. This flirting started  in 1661 when the newly married couple attended the King at Fontainebleau. Philippe was far from happy. He complained to his mother about the obvious intimacy between his father and wife which caused Queen Anne to reprimand her daughter-in-law - and her son. For the jealous Philippe had responded to the flirting by openly flaunting his sexuality which was far from acceptable.

To make matters worse, Henrietta went on to seduce Philippe's old lover, the comte de Guiche!

Princess Henrietta of England
Philippe, Duke de Orléans

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