Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Clock Room

Louis XV was very interested in science and astronomy - an interest that has left its mark on the Clock Room. For example the meridian of Paris is outlined on the floor with a copper line. But the main attraction also give the room its name: the clock.

The clock was installed in this room in 1754 after being presented at the Academy of Sciences. The clock shows the time, the day of the week, the month, the year and even which quarter the moon is in - at the time it was an unparalleled clockwork. Above the clock itself is a crystal ball. Within this crystal ball the planets are revolving around the sun! Who made this piece of art and science? The mechanisms are designed by the King's engineer Passemant, made by his clock-maker Dauthiau and decorated by Caffieri.
It was this particular clock that set the first official time for the entire kingdom of France!
The room was used as a gaming room for the King and his courtiers.

And here it is: the Clock itself

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