Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Private Study

Madame de Maintenon used this as her bedchamber and after she was gone the room was divided into smaller cabinets. In 1813 the walls were torn down again and the room regained its original size. It was at the same time that the study was given its present décor. The most characteristic about this room is the bright green damask wall covering with a golden brocade border. And that is not the only objects used to adorn the walls; five paintings have also been chosen including "Apollo Crowned by Victory" (Noël  Coypel) and "Apollo and Hyacinth" (Louis de Boulogne). It should be noted that all five paintings portrays Apollo - perhaps a reference to Louis XIV?
Originally, the chairs were used at Saint-Cloud by Napoleon but they were later transferred to the Grand Trianon. The paper cabinet is the work of Jacob-Desmalter and the clock is a Bailly. Notice that the ceiling is almost bare of decoration which is in keeping with both the Napoleonic style and the simplicity at the Grand Trianon.

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