Monday, 19 August 2013

The Chapel Room

As the name indicates this room used to serve as a Chapel to the royal family and their guests. Even when Louis XIV decided to move into this part of the Grand Trianon in 1691 the room was still a functioning chapel; if you open the rear door an altar is placed in the recess which was used for Mass and then the door was closed again. Both St. Luke and St. Mark are portrayed on the walls as a discreet reminder of the room's original purpose. Besides the two saints both Marie Leszczynska and Louis XV are portrayed by J. B. van Loo - Maria Leszczynska adored the Grand Trianon, it was to her what the Petit Trianon was to Marie Antoinette. Later the Empress would use this as a drawing room. The Martin table at the centre of the room is from 1811 and is inlaid with the zodiac symbols.

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