Monday, 19 August 2013

The Empress' Bedroom / Louis XIV's Bedroom

This chamber served as a bedroom to both Louis XIV and Empress Marie-Louise. The columns are from the time of the Sun King. When Louis XIV used this room it was larger than it is today - the room was divided into a bedchamber and an antechamber for the Empress. It is actually the very décor that Marie-Louise chose herself except from the bed which was moved in from the Tuileries - it was in this very bed that Louis XVIII died in 1824. Later the bed was enlarged for Louis-Philippe and Marie-Louise.
Louis XIV and Marie-Louise are not the only members of the court who occupied this room. The Grand Dauphin, Maria Letizia Bonaparte and Queen Marie-Amélie all counted this a part of their apartments. The round table in the middle is by Jacob-Desmalter and is from 1837. However, the chairs and the bronze gilded balustrade are both from 1810.

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