Saturday, 24 August 2013

Comte d'Artois' Suit

The costume as it appears
in the birthday scene
Al Weaver portrays the Comte d'Artois in the 2006-edition of "Marie Antoinette". The coat and the trousers are both made of pale lavender/blue satin surprisingly enough without any embroidery, trimming or noticeable pleading. The sleeves' edges are sewn together with two buttons - a very unusual design for the time. The trousers' fly has been sewn together layer over layer and three buttons are sewn onto as well. The buttons would probably be for the convenience of when a gentleman needed to relieve himself... 

The vest is of baby pink satin embroidered with golden garlands of flowers and leaves - it seems that there might be stitches of silver as well. Underneath the vest the "mandatory" white vest which just peeps out from underneath the hem of the sleeves. The neck piece - also of white muslin - is not attached to the shirt but is a separate piece perhaps of a finer quality. Notice the golden chain hanging from underneath the vest. Perhaps it is a pocket watch?

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