Saturday, 10 August 2013


Ground Floor:

A) Kitchens
B) Chambers beneath the Opera
C) Chambers of the Duc de Chartres
D) Chambers of the highest ranking Officers of the Palace
E) Area with orange trees
F) Diverse Chambers
G) Connected to the Opera
H) Chapel
I) Grand Staircase
J) Porch

First Floor:

A) The New Lodgings for the Duc de Chartres' Officers
B) Private Apartments of the Fleming School 
C) Staircase
D) First Antechamber and Dining Room 
E) Drawing Room
F) Apartments of the Duchesse de Lorge
G) New Lodgings for the Duc d'Orléans' New Officers
H) The Duchesse d'Orleans' New Apartments
I) Wing
J) Opera
K) The Painting Collection
L) Wardrobes adjoining the Chamber of Parade
M) Council Chamber
N) Niche Chamber
O) Apartment of Madame la Douairiere
P) Lodgings of the Opera's Actors
Q) Chamber of Parade
R) Officers' Antechamber
S) Valets' Antechamber
T) Pages' Antechamber
U) Wardrobe

Galleries (both Ground and First floor)

1) Gallerie en Calote
2) Gallerie des Hommes Illustres
3) Grande Gallerie Peinte par Antoine Coypel
4) Petite Gallerie 
5) Gallery

All courtyards are marked with stripes 

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