Friday, 23 August 2013

Madame de Pompadour's Coffee Grinder

Coffee was an extreme luxury around the time of Madame de Pompadour because it had to be imported from a far-away colony. But if there is someone who is sure to have had access to it then it must be the King and in particular his favourite.
This particular coffee grinder was made in Paris between 1756-57. The Marquise would put in whole coffee beans, turn the handle and after a while she would have fine coffee ready to drink. The coffee grinder is made of gold (yellow, green and red), steel and ivory. It measures 9,5 centimetres in height and 5,2 centimetres in diameter. It is now exhibited at the Louvre.

The grinder has been decorated with gold images of coffee beans and coffee leaves. It is actually consisting of three different parts: the lit can be taken off to put in beans and the bottom can also be removed after the grinding and voilà! Coffee ready to be brewed.

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