Saturday, 21 September 2013

du Barry in Black

Gladys George wears this amazing gown as Madame du Barry in the 1938-edition of "Marie Antoinette".
Black was an unusual colour for someone who was not in mourning but then again Madame du Barry was something of a Versailles rebel. The black fabric looks very lush so perhaps it is velvet? The large golden decorations are embroidered as are the grey areas (mainly on the petticoat). Some parts of the dress seemed to have been adorned with pearls in the midst of a golden grid pattern.
Golden tulle has been sewn onto the sleeves and the neckline creating a nice transition between the dark fabric and the bare arms underneath. Notice that the bodice has been embroidered in a way to make the waistline seem smaller which was actually a very popular fashion trend and still is.

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