Thursday, 5 September 2013

Louis XV's Family

This one in particular can be especially difficult to read from, so to make it easier, hopefully this little review will help you.

Children of Louis XV and Marie Leszsczynska (from the left):

Louise Élisabeth de France - she married Philip, Duke of Parma and had three children.

Anne Henriette de France

Marie Louise (died at 5 years old)

Louis Ferdinand, Dauphin - his first marriage was to Maria Teresa of Spain, his second to Marie Josepha de Saxe.

Marie Adélaïde de France, Duchesse de Louvois (she was Louis XV's favourite daughter)

Marie Louise Thérèse Victoire de France

Sophie Philippine Élisabeth Justine

Marie Thérèse Félicité (died at 8 years old)

Louise Marie

Children of Louis Ferdinand and Marie Josepha de Saxe (from the left):

Marie Zéphyrine (died at 5 years old)

Louis Joseph de France, Duc de Bourgogne

Xavier de France, Duc d'Aquitaine (died at 1 year old)

Louis Auguste (XVI)


Charles X

Clothilde de France, Queen of Sardinia

Élisabeth de France

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