Friday, 20 September 2013

Coronation Gown

Another one of Kirsten Dunst's gowns from Marie Antoinette (2006) - there were over 60 so prepare for many more.
The dress itself is sewn in white satin which has been used for both the bodice, the sleeves, the petticoat and the skirt. The sleeves ends in champagne coloured tulle pinned with a large bow on each arm - of course the gloves are of white satin too. If you look closely at the bows you will see that they are made of striped fabric and not just plan coloured satin. The bodice is elaborately decorated with a flowery motif consisting of golden paliettes. The edge of the bodice and the neckline has been trimmed with the same champagne tulle as the sleeves. This decoration has been applied to the skirt as well and all the way down the golden flowers glitters only interrupted by the large bows - all edged with tulle.

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