Sunday, 22 September 2013

Peacock Princess

Joely Richardson portrays Marie Antoinette in "The Affair of the Necklace" from 2001 and wears this gown on one of the movie posters.
Champagne coloured satin makes out the main fabric and is only interrupted by the pattern on the bodice. The emerald green is used to shape a peacock on each side of the bodice - quite an interesting detail which is not seen that often. Another dominating material is lace which has not only been applied generously to the sleeves but also makes the neckline very different from most other movies about the French court. It would almost seem that the lace is cut into leave-shaped pieces and then sewn onto the chosen parts of the dress. Also, it looks as if tulle has been used to enforce the lace and perhaps add more volume. The split between the two folds of the bodice reveals a slightly embroidered piece with golden birds. Also a brooch has been pinned to the neckline's lace and if you look closely a drop-pearl can just be made out among all the satin.

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