Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Peculiar Choice

Norma Shearer wears this unusual gown in "Marie Antoinette" from 1938. This is a very unique design for any dress used in a Marie Antoinette movie of what I have seen.
The base's colour is cream and seems to be either velvet or cotton. Large twirling patterns adorns the skirt in black and turquoise edged by burned beige. Notice that the skirt is slightly shorter at the front which has probably been done to make it easier for Norma Shearer to walk in the dress. The turquoise cut-outs brings focus to the centre of the bodice which underlines the slim waistline. The neckline is edged with black velvet and the black pattern is continued in a single row a few centimetres beneath the neckline's cut - a pretty bow brings a focus point to the centre again.

The sleeves also have the peculiar pattern and the mandatory layers of lace in a dark cream.


  1. it's shorter in the front because the longer sides were draped over the absurd hip-cages they wore in Marie-Antoinette's time, thus making the dress the same length all the way around. ....obviously, the side cages are missing.

  2. @skindustrial68, the panier is missing but the review is about the dress from the movie and not how it would have looked in reality. If that had been the case, this dress would be very different