Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Louis-Philippe Family Room

Located on the right wing of the Grand Trianon this room was usually two separate rooms but the wall between them were struck down by Louis-Philippe who wanted to create a spacious living room for his family. The dominating colours were an attempt to imitate the East with the intricate patterns and bright colours. This style continues in two pedestals lacquered with Chinese varnish and provided by Goudel et Cie in 1839. There are two mahogany tables in this room - both by Jacob Desmalter who made them in 1837 - and these were used by the princesses who would place their needlework in the drawers when retiring for the night. Among the paintings on the walls Venus, Mercury and the four elements are celebrated; these were all ordered in 1688. One of the walls has almost been completely covered in the same fabric used for the furniture.

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