Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Ground Floor:
Blue - The King's Apartments
Green - The Queen's Apartments / Monseigneur's
Yellow - Madame's Apartments
Pink - Madame du Barry's Apartments
Purple - The Four Salons of the Seigneurs
Orange - Billiard
Turquoise - Grand Salon

First Floor:
Blue - The Duc d'Orlèans' Apartments
Green - The Duchesse d'Orlèans' Apartments
Yellow - The Princesse de Conti's Apartments
Pink - Apartments of the Captains of the Guards
Purple (left to pink) - Reserved for Ladies at the Court
Turquoise - Madame de Lude's Apartments
Vermilion - Reserved for Ladies at the Court
Orange - The King's Wardrobe
Grey - Corridor
Brown - Unknown
Lime - View to hte ground floor


  1. I am curious about whether the stories that are told about how people at the palace used corners and spaces under stairs for toilets can really be true. It seems strange that the designers and builders of the palace wouldn't have provided more adequate toilet facilities... it is known that Hampton Court Palace in England had a toilet room that 22 people could use at once, and this was over 100 years before the palace at Versailles was built!

    1. As far as from what I have been able to tell from the research I did it was only the royal family who had their own toilets but the remainder of the court had to make due with chamber pots and anywhere they could find ... though I will agree that it seems odd that no one really gave it much thought