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House of d'Albert de Luynes

The House of d'Albert de Luynes had their roots in Comtat Venaissin and were already among the Ducs (as Duc de Luynes) and Peers when Louis XIV was born - the family was elevated to that rank in 1619. The elevation was thanks to the close relationship between Charles d'Albert and Louis XIII; prior to being made Duc de Luynes, Charles d'Albert already held the position of Marquis d'Albert.

House of d'Albert de Luynes
Charles further strengthened his ties to the reigning houses of France with a marriage to Marie de Rohan. His son, Louis-Charles d'Albert, was further granted the title of Duc de Chevreuse. Honoré d'Albert (brother of Charles) was made Duc de Chaulnes in 1621 - a title he could gain through his marriage to Claire Charlotte Eugénie d'Ailly, Comtesse de Chaulnes. Their last brother, Léon, was first made governor of the Bastille but later acquired the far grander title of Duc de Piney-Luxembourg also through a marriage.

Charles and Marie had the son Louis-Charles who became the second Duc de Luynes. He married three times and had a combined 16 children! His eldest son and heir, Charles-Honoré, married the daughter of the King's infamous minister, Colbert.
Their son, Honoré-Charles d'Albert de Luynes married Marie-Jeanne de Courcillon.

The fifth Duc de Luynes (and Duc de Chevreuse) was their son, Charles-Philippe d'Albert de Luynes. His first marriage was Louise-Léontine de Bourbon with whom he had a son who would later succeed him. He later married Marie Brûlart who was a dame d'honneur to Queen Marie Leczinska; due to his marriage he was introduced to the Queen's circle were he quickly became one of Her Majesty's favourite guests. Also, he was made master of cavalry.

The son of Charles-Philippe's first marriage was named Marie-Charles-Louis d'Albert de Luynes. He chose to venture into the military where he was quite successful. He gained both the Order of Saint-Esprit and the Order of Saint-Michel; in 1770 he was Colonel General of the Dragoons. He was married to Henriette Nicole Pignatellii d'Egmont with whom he had two children: Louis-Joseph-Charles-Amable and Marie Paule Angelique.

Louis-Joseph-Charles-Amable initially followed his father into the military but when the revolution broke out he took up the course of a politician sitting in the Estates Générale.

Titles held by the House of d'Albert de Luynes:
Duc de Luynes
Duc de Chevreuse
Duc de Piney-Luxembourg (transfered to the House of Montmorency in 1697)
Duc de Montfort
Duc de Chaulnes
Prince de Grimberghen
Marquis d'Albert

Special honours and notes:

  • Jeanne-Baptiste, Comtesse de Verrure, was the favourite of Victor Amadeus II of Savoy
  • Charles d'Albert was a Chevalier de Saint-Esprit
  • Charles-Honoré d'Albert was governor of Guyenne
  • Paul d'Albert became a Cardinal and was appointed almoner to the Dauphin
  • Marie Francoise (daughter of Charles-Honoré) became a companion to Marie Adélaide of Savoy

Image gallery of the House of d'Albert de Luynes:

Portrait probable du duc de Luynes par Pourbus.
Charles d'Albert -
favourite of Louis XIII and first Duc de Luynes

Louis Charles d'Albert Duc de Luynes Pair de France.JPG
Louis-Charles d'Albert

Portrait du duc de Chevreuse par Hyacinthe Rigaud
Charles-Honoré d'Albert

Image illustrative de l'article Paul d'Albert de Luynes
Paul d'Albert de Luynes -
Cardinal and almoner to the Dauphin

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