Saturday, 6 August 2016

Common Courtesy

These are some of the "simple" rules that everyone associated with court life knew to follow.

  • One is never to knock at a door to gain admittance. Instead, a visitor may use their fingernail to scratch on the door frame
  • When promenading a gentleman must always acknowledge an acquaintance. If this was a lady he was to bow - but only if she acknowledged him first
  • Ladies walking together must take care not to walk more than two abreast so as to not block the way for others
  • Courtiers were not allowed to address members of the royal family directly. They were to respectfully remove their hats if they chanced upon them (if they were gentlemen). The only time a courtier could directly address royalty was if they were spoken to
  • When standing it is considered well-mannered to have the left foot in front and the legs slightly bent
  • One can never immediately turn their back on their superior. If one is to leave the presence of a superior it is customary to bow and take a few step backwards while still facing the superior. Then one may leave.

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