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House of Broglie

Originally from Piedmont the House of Broglie established itself on French soil through Francois-Marie de Broglie, Comte de Broglie who served in the French army. His son, Victor-Maurice, followed in his father's footsteps and took up arms under the commands of the Great Condé and Turenne respectively. Apparently, Victor-Maurice was quite skilled as a soldier and first reached the rank of Marèchal de camp and later Marèchal de France in 1724.

Victor-Maurice had three sons of which the third, Francois-Marie, succeeded him both as Marèchal de France and became ambassador to England in 1724. He conducted himself so well on the battlefield that he was elevated to the rank of Duc de Broglie in 1742.

Victor-Francois was the son and heir of Francois-Marie and also went into the army. It would seem that being a talented soldier ran in the family for Victor-Francois was also promoted to Marèchal de France by Louis XV. He further gained glory by being made a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor Francis I. However, something went wrong and he suffered royal disgrace and was recalled from royal service until 1778 when he was recalled in the American War of Independence. Victor-Francois married Louise Augustine Crozat de Thiers and had two children by her.

When the revolution broke out Victor-Francois was an avid opponent of the revolutionary movement. He was succeeded by his grandson, Victor de Broglie, since his own son died during the revolution.

The House of Broglie is still existing.

Titles held by the House of Broglie:
Duc de Broglie
Comte de Ruffec

Special honours and notes:

  • Francois-Marie was nearly killed when his camp was raided unexpectedly by enemy troops on 14 September 1734 but he managed to escape
  • Victor-Francois briefly served as Minister of War to Louis XVI before fleeing France
  • Charles-Francois (second son of the Francois-Marie) distinguished himself as a diplomatic agent in Louis XV's secret department Secret du Roi

Image gallery of the House of Broglie:

Victor-François, 2nd Duc de Broglie.png
Victor-Francois de Broglie

Victor-Maurice de Broglie.jpg
Victor-Maurice de Broglie

Jean Ranc (1674–1735), Louise Augustine Salbigothon Crozat, duchesse de Broglie, vers 1775
Louise Augustine

François-Marie de Broglie.jpg
Francois-Marie who was made a Duc

Charles-François de Broglie around 1757-1758

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